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Public Transport

Even if Sarajevo is a walkable city there are a lot of different kinds of public transport to choose from: trams, buses, trolley bus and mini buses. The Sarajevo tram system is an excellent way of getting around town. Trams run along the main East-West Rd (Marsala Tita) and circle the Old Town. The tram system also runs as far out as the suburb of Ilidza. The bus number 31E is the most efficient service and runs throughout the city every half hour until midnight. For travelling in the inner city of Sarajevo, trams, trolleys and buses are the best choice. If you want to go up in the hills or reach a specific destination a bit further out, the mini buses are recommended. You can buy tickets in kiosks or from the driver. When travelling on trams you have to validate the ticket in a machine on board the tram. When you buy the ticket from the driver he validates it for you. A single ticket is valid for one journey and doesn't have a time limit. There is also a daily ticket that is valid on all kinds of public transport (except bus line 31E).

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