Libertario Coffee Roasters


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Libertario Coffee Roasters

Libertario is one of the best places for coffee in Bogotá, both the beans and the prepared drinks. It's a great spot to have a warm drink outdoors surrounded by plants. The staff is incredible, coffee is top notch and food is great. Be sure to try this almond croissant! You will have a very nice outdoor space and a very comfortable indoor space with areas, either for working or enjoying a coffee and a book.


Bogotá has a rich, diverse, and complex coffee culture that is defined by the Colombia's diversity and inequality. Alongside the humble cigarrerías and street vendors, cafe chains and stylish coffee shops have popped up, offering Italian-style espresso drinks. The traditional cup of coffee in Colombia is known as tinto or tintico. Ground coffee is added to boiling water directly and is allowed to brew for a few minutes. Many of the third wave coffee shops are also micro-roasters, selling and serving incredibly fresh single-origins and blends. Many baristas are business owners themselves and they tend to have strong relationships with coffee producers and roasters. Make sure to explore the many aspects of Bogota's coffee scene: the affordable tintico, the upscale cappuccino, or the exquisitely natural Chemex brew.