Mount Monserrate


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Mount Monserrate

Monserrate is a dramatically high mountain over 3,152 meters (10,000 feet) high that dominates the city centre of Bogotá. You can reach the top on foot, but be warned that it won't be the easiest trek of your life because of the altitude. Alternatively, take the cable-car or the funicular. They will safely deliver you to the church with a shrine devoted to El Señor Caído with astonishing views over the city. If you are superstitious, be warned: Colombians believe that couples who visit Monserrate together will never get married.

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Colombia's capital is truly packed with touristy things to do. From free walking tours, bike rides, street art and world-class museums to flea markets, culinary gems, colonial and pre-Colombian cultural heritage. Start your day overlooking the city from Mount Monserrate 3,152 meters above the sea level. Explore the cobbled streets and museums of La Candelaria and head to the Chapinero neighbourhood for hip cafes, shops, restaurants and nightlife.