Yangling Tibetan Restaurant


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Yangling Tibetan Restaurant

In a small street next to Paknajol there is Yangling — a family-run restaurant that serves some of the best momos in Kathmandu. Try these traditional Nepalese dumplings filled with meat, vegetables and cheese along with some mix fried rice and super paneer chili. The orange chilli sauce that accompanies every order is just what you need to wake up your taste buds. For a really substantial meal, get some thukpa — a traditional hot noodle soup with meat and vegetables. To finish the meal, try the rich Tibetan butter tea.


Nepal's geographic, climate and cultural diversity means that its cuisine is equally varied. The national dish is Dal Bhat Tarkari, a lentil soup (dal) served on boiled rice (bhat) with curry (tarkari). There are countless variations on this staple, so start exploring! The city also offers an emerging fine dining scene where visitors and locals can find top-class cuisine from around the world.