El Jibarito

San Juan

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El Jibarito

The menus are handwritten and the tables wobble, but sanjuaneros have favored this casual, no-frills, family-run restaurant – tucked away on a quiet cobbled street – for years. The bistec encebollado, goat fricassee, and shredded beef stew are among the specialties on the menu of typical Puerto Rican comida criolla dishes. The tiny back porch is filled with plants, and the dining room is filled with fanciful depictions of life on the street outside.

Useful Information

  • Address: 280 Calle Sol, San Juan
  • Phone: +1 787 725 8375
  • Opening House: Daily 10am-9pm


Puerto Rican cuisine is a mix of local and international flavors that pleases most palates. Rice, root vegetables, and proteins are staple items on all menus--from casual eateries to the most exclusive dining. The city also offers an eclectic mix of fine international dining and innovative fusion cuisine.